About Us

IMG 3265Tina Christoudias received her Bachelor of Science with high honors from Rutgers University. She won the Nutritional Sciences Award for having the highest G.P.A. in her graduating nutrition class. Tina then went on to train at Brigham and Women's Hospital - A Harvard Medical School affiliated teaching hospital. There she was able to receive experience in all aspects of in-patient clinical dietetics as well as train at the Joslin Diabetes Center, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the Children's Hospital. This internship provided her with a solid foundation and has helped her to build her medical nutrition therapy practice and to attain membership to the American Dietetic Association and the Cyprus Dietetic Association. Tina has also attained an M.B.A. degree with highest honors from the University of Nicosia and Maastricht School of Business with a concentration in marketing. This has helped her to provide a better overall service to her clients. With over 8 years experience as a nutrition counselor, Tina has appeared on television and radio programs in Nicosia, as well as held presentations on corporate nutrition, adolescent nutrition, and eating well in Cyprus. She has helped people get healthier and change their lifestyles in many settings including spas and hotels such as Dessange Day Spa and the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus and has counseled young women on healthy eating practices at the School of Modeling and Grooming in Nicosia, Cyprus. She has also worked in New Jersey, USA as a registered dietitian for Kingley Health. Tina's up-beat, positive, and supportive personality has helped many people achieve their goals and realize their dreams in terms of changing their bodies and their lifestyles.


Letter to Future Clients and Friends

Dear Friends,
I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself to you and to tell you a little bit about my background. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy way of life is no easy task in this age where there are too many options and easy access to greasy and processed foods. I, myself, became a dietician because I wanted a venue to help others such as myself to lose weight and to keep it off by using my own personal experience in my nutrition practice.

As an overweight child and teenager, I struggled to lose weight and would try every diet known to man to keep my weight down. After simply trying to choose healthier foods and keeping exercise in my life, I finally managed to keep a healthy weight all throughout my adult years. I believe that the secret to my success has been to accept and appreciate my body for what it is, to be realistic about the goals I would like to achieve for my body, and to learn new habits and techniques that I still use today.

The truth is, there is not enough awareness out there to help people understand that losing weight, just like anything else in life, takes time, determination, and hard work. Would you expect to get a bachelor’s degree in a week or to become the CEO of a major corporation in a month? Of course not. So, why should changing our bodies and our habits be any different? I genuinely believe that crash diets do not work for precisely this reason.
The fact of the matter is that it takes time to change. And this is where I can help. What I offer are not only the knowledge and tools that are necessary for you to change your life and stay healthy, but also the empathy and support to stay on track to reach your goals. I have been down the same path, so I am very familiar with the struggles and the frustration associated with trying to lose weight. We will work together to come up with tips, tools, and techniques to get you where you want to be. So, if you are ready to embark on a journey that may be difficult at times, but will provide great rewards in the end, I am here to join you and be there for you every step of the way.
I look forward to meeting all of you and remember, there is no magic cure for losing weight, but there is magic within each of you to change your lives for the better.
Best regards,


Tina Christoudias, BSc., M.B.A., R.D.
Clinical Dietitian